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Successful, long term sellers look beyond “the launch”

We’ve been at this a long time and if you’ve worked with us, you’ll know that we’re in it for the long haul.

Anyone can rank a product, using practically any technique, if you hit it hard enough. The trick of course, is to not have the rankings fall right back down immediately after the launch, and maintaining rank until the listing can hold it’s own organically. In fact now, if you launch, fall, launch, fall in successive extreme up and down patterns, Amazon makes it tougher to rank after each subsequent spike. They’re not interested in erratic listings that can’t hold their own, and neither should you be.

Plus, if your rankings start to slip, and they stay down for too long, it's a dog fight to push them back up. Competition is fierce and responding quickly to keyword dips is vital to staying on top of competitor moves and less expensive in the long run vs having to make a big “comeback”.

This is where the keyword ranking maintenance program comes in. Whether you’ve ranked using our managed rebate network, managed launch service or simply need your keywords monitored and maintained so that you can focus on other things, we’ll ensure ranking continuity by tracking and supporting keywords when and as required using our powerful full price rebate program, all on auto pilot!

  • Strategy consultation

  • Pre-defined spending / inventory limits

  • Keyword tracking

  • Quick response rebates to support sagging terms

  • Monthly reporting

  • As you expand your e-comm empire and are busy handling other matters, let us take care of ensuring you that your product and raking is visible for your primary keywords.


    Fill out the privacy assured contact form and let’s formulate a customized keyword ranking strategy to keep your products a step ahead of your competitors!

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