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The most effective rank and stick full price rebate system on the planet…with a powerful twist.

Using full purchase rebates remains an effective strategy to boost keyword velocity and rankings, if done right.

Most services use buyer groups to accomplish this...Unfortunately, in many cases it’s become largely ineffective, and in some cases, down right dangerous to constantly dip into the same pool of buyers.

Not only has the “ranking juice” become diluted with these types of services, easily detectable buyer patterns are used, plus in the event that one of these buyers leaves a review for your product (most have already been blocked from doing so by amazon, as further proof of their low quality buyer scores), it can get your entire listing review blocked!



We NEVER dip into buyer groups that contain consumers with low quality amazon buyer scores.

Instead, we use multiple systems that single out and target your ideal customers. Not bargain hunters that would never be a good client anyways.


Plus, because we’re spreading the rebates across multiple, trusted systems, with complex patterns and numerous signals, we achieve a high level of diversity with no patterns and footprint, keeping your amazon account safe.

Powerful Signals

In fact, because we have the ability to blend in a myriad of signals with each campaign, we reckon it’s the most powerful rebate system on the planet . Using sophisticated SFB (Search, Find, Buy) and Add to Cart patterns, we blend purchase, social and traffic signals for strong ranking performance, unmatched keyword velocity and stickiness.


We’ve been in the Amazon game a long time, and rest assured any information shared with us is treated with the utmost confidentiality.


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